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Proportionate integration of technology, process and people is critical to a software implementation that delivers true value. Centek's IT approach centers on the design and delivery of complete system solutions that adddress all factors required for a successful implementation.

Rapid Implementation Methodology
Advantages of Our Consulting & Integration Capabilities
Itemized Services Capabilities

Rapid Implementation Methodology

Centek employs both Conventional and Rapid implementation methodologies. Reduced Time to Benefit or RTB is our rapid implementation methodology that reduces the design, specification, selection, and implementation process by as much as 50%.

RTB slashes schedules by overlapping project tasks, redefining resource responsibilities, and leveraging Centek's experiences and capabilities. RTB is not appropriate for all projects and should be carefully evaluated against our Conventional methodology. Centek is uniquely qualified to deliver RTB because we are enabled with the following:

  • Centek Asset: Industry specific knowledge.
    RTB Benefit:   Expedites system strategy decisions.
    RTB Benefit:   Immediately narrows list of qualified software suppliers.

  • Centek Asset: Hands-on experience with leading applications.
    RTB Benefit:   Expedites specification and selection process.
    RTB Benefit:   Reduces risk of selecting the wrong software.
    RTB Benefit:   Enables team to immediately focus on "gaps".
    RTB Benefit:   Enables realistic budget and schedule estimates.

  • Centek Asset: System installation and integration capabilities.
    RTB Benefit:   Reduces system implementation timeframe.
    RTB Benefit:   Eliminates need to introduce new project resources.
    RTB Benefit:   Continuity of project team eliminates learning curve.
    RTB Benefit:   Multi-skilled team enables project task interleaving.


Advantages of Our Consulting
and Integration Capabilities

Due to our highly skilled staff and unique methodology, we can deliver systems integration expertise not provided by typical consultants. This means our clients benefits from:

  • "attainable" system designs
  • reduced software modifications
  • shorter overall project schedules
  • 30-40% smaller project teams

These benefits are possible because a consultant with integration skills and implementation experience has better insight of what is practical and realistic. Additionally, they can perform more tasks throughout the project without having to transfer work to specialists. This eliminates costly learning curves and assures project integrity from start to finish.

Itemized Services Capabilities

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