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Port of Seattle Live with Provia Software

Company Using Provia’s Integrated ViaWare Suite to
Increase Inventory Accuracy, Speed Order Throughput, and
Increase Overall Efficiency of Operations

Grand Rapids, Mich.– Provia Software, a leading provider of order-to-delivery fulfillment software solutions, announced that Port of Seattle, the port authority responsible for the inbound and outbound distribution of goods coming into and out of Seattle by ship and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has gone live with Provia Software.


Port of Seattle is using products from Provia’s integrated ViaWare suite, including WMS (warehouse management), OMS (order management), YMS (yard management), SPS (small parcel shipping), and Gateway (standard host and ERP interface) to increase inventory accuracy, speed throughput of orders passing through the facility, and increase overall efficiency of operations. In addition to Provia’s ViaWare, the Port of Seattle implementation includes interfaces to the company’s major customers as well as Port of Seattle’s own PeopleSoft ERP System.


With a multi-facility campus of over 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space, Port of Seattle serves several global accounts, storing a diverse range of customer products including machined goods apparel, toys, electronics, motorcycles, housewares, and recreational equipment. The company also offers refrigerated and cold storage space to house fresh fruit and other perishables.


The high level of integration between the Provia suite, Port of Seattle’s PeopleSoft ERP, and the company’s client systems allows customers to send order information to Port of Seattle’s order management system, where it’s reviewed and then sent to the warehouse management system. The WMS picks, labels, and ships the orders and sends the ship complete data back to the OMS where it is sent to the customer.


“With this high level of integration between our OMS and WMS we can keep better track of our customer’s inventory, increase our utilization of labor, and maximize space management, all of which becomes immediate bottom line savings,” said Joan Black, Port of Seattle’s warehouse manager.




One of Port of Seattle’s biggest customers is a large retail company, who required the software be up and running smoothly before the busy holiday season was in full force. “Two weeks after we implemented ViaWare, we were already at full production,” continued Black. “With Provia’s ViaWare, we’re accurately keeping track of critical inbound and outbound order information and getting products out the door, and to customers quickly.


Centek Associates Inc., a West Coast based consultant and integrator of supply chain execution systems, worked with Port of Seattle to select and implement Provia’s software.

“Provia was the only vendor able to offer Port of Seattle the advanced level of functionality they required in an integrated solution,” said Ty Hansen, Principal at Centek Associates. Port of Seattle is also using IBM as an E-Business Consultant for the seaport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The Provia implementation is part of a larger e-business initiative for Port of Seattle. The installation of Provia’s ViaWare WMS is the first success story for the Port's e-business initiative.


For Provia, Port of Seattle represents yet another leading 3PL provider taking advantage of Provia’s robust functionality and the benefits it brings. “With our ViaWare suite, Port of Seattle will be able to offer customers better service, better value and increased visibility to inventory and order information,” said Ken Lewis, Provia’s president and CEO. “While being able to offer a solution that can handle the demanding requirements of third party logistics illustrates our strength in the 3PL industry, it also brings increased value to our existing and future customers who choose to keep their distribution activities ‘in house’, as our ability to meet the demands of 3PL make our entire suite stronger.”


About Provia Software - With over 500 global installations, Provia Software delivers The Power of Delivery™ for such enterprise and third-party logistics (3PL) clients as Canadian National, Gillette, Spencer Gifts, Lanier Worldwide, and Ferguson Enterprises. Provia’s ViaWare Fulfillment Execution and ViaView Fulfillment Collaboration suites include warehousing, transportation, order and yard management products seamlessly integrated together with Web-based visibility, decision support and event management tools, creating a real-time end to end supply chain fulfillment solution that creates a competitive advantage for clients. For more information, visit, or call toll-free 1.877.PROVIA1 (1.877.776.8421).


About Centek Associates - Headquartered in Seattle, Washington with offices Northern and Central California, Centek Associates’ mission is to assist distribution, manufacturing, and third party logistics companies in their efforts to automate order fulfillment operations through the application of supply chain execution systems and dependent process improvements. For more information call 425.413.1090 or visit


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